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Toshiki's Homepage

The ultimate yet complete nirvana of Toshiki's personal all-in-one home-landing page/blog/portfolio website with an entire reconstruction powered by Nuxt3, Vue, Vercel, Cloudflare Workers & Netlifly! This is a derivative fork of eggsy's homepage with custom modification.


Toshiki's Notebook

Toshiki's web notebook built upon Vitepress and deployed via Vercel! Eternal & digital knowledge base for content creation and notes management.


Toshiki's HTTP

Toshiki's self-hosted version of HTTP error code illustration API HTTP status code replacement in a joyful way with the beloved Ukuku character as an anime representative


Toshiki's Live2D Viewer

A simple web based live2d viewer based off pixi live2d display


Toshiki's Temple Block

Toshiki's virtual temple block to accumulate virtual merits for positive morality!


Toshiki's Mahjong Calculator

Mahjong calculator tool that calculates players' scores in a game based on their collected tiles and the scoring rules of Mahjong, aiding in efficient scorekeeping and determining the winner.