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Fundamental information details of my website including 4 major fields of data.

    logo: '',
    name: 'Anda Toshiki/安田俊樹',
    description: 'Caffein overdose & Hypomanic INTJ',
    website: ''

Contemplating to be involved or engaged as a part of my affiliation/friend list as showcased below? Consider to apply and submit your own homepage or portfolios through issues tab of my homepage's GitHub repository at @andatoshiki/toshiki-home-nuxt3 via an issue template pre-configured. But make sure you and your sites meet the following prerequisite conditions before submitted or else the request will be automatically triaged as nonentity, and will not be granted with consent. Make sure you read through the following truncated list for your reference carefully, hence.

  • Full site must be installed with SSL certificate with complete HTTPS coverage on full site for secure & reputable connections which should be standardized on all websites.
  • Friend/affiliation link for this website must be added alongside submitting issue request on GitHub prior to adding your website, contact me via @andatoshiki on Telegram if no response has made within 24 hours of your submission.
  • Ensure the accessibility and the uptime of your website is operational throughout, or simple SLA≥90% for minimizing downtime, your website will be added to uptime monitor upon the addendum and it will be removed if a prolonged period of downtime is detected with inactivity.
  • Ensure the content of your website examplifying blog posts and publications are original, if a reference is made, please accredit the original author or publisher for proper bibliography, technical-oriented sites are preferred and prioritized during consideration.
  • Ensure your website does not contain violent or sexually abusive content and assure your content is compliant and abiding regional law of your residency.
  • Your website retains constant development such as new feature implementation or vital updates of article post contents.

P.S.: The arrangements order of website is subjectively unbiased but solely based on chronological date of request without favoring parties of any types.

Friend links/affiliation & my list of haremu waifus!

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Eternal & digital knowledge base for content creation and notes management.



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KUN's moe blog, KUN IS THE CUTEST!

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The blog for Toya, kawaii but "arrogant" little girl !

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