Former full time INTP & current INTJ & part time ISTP whom is caffein overdosed hyperboosted by Monster meanwhile an egoistic capitalist that overthinks ;)

Hey there, fellow developers, hackers and geeks, my name is Anda Toshiki romanized form Japanese Kanji of 安田俊樹 originated from my Japanese name. Alternatively, you could refer me as kiki as a nickname in a short substitute (the same name as the protagonist Majo from Kiki's Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki). I'm the cutest yet most moe developer Majo Shoujo whom she watches anime, drinks monster, writes codes, documents tutorials, takes photos, eats burgers and pulls up all-nighters!

Allow and forgive me for the redundant introduction yet again, I am Anda Toshiki, pronounced as AHN-dah TOH-shee-kee in case you perceive my name obscure to articulate. I am a current undergraduate Sun Devil (ASU students are called Sun Devils as a nod to the university's mascot) at Arizona State University majored concurrently in Business & Finance B.A. at W. P. Carey School of Business and Computer Science B.S. at Ira A. Fulton School of Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. I am the co-founder and core team developer & DevOps for both Toshik's Devpedia @toshikidev and Shikiology @shikiology aiming for a better technological pursuit and open-source spiritual virtue, and additionally I am maintaining the community with both of my feline companion kitties 😺 (玉ちゃん & 桃ちゃん both of them are cute girls!), as attached in the image for your visual references,


I am utterly passionate yet unwavering in my dedication to establishing a harmonious balance between technological advancement and spiritual enlightenment, striving to inspire others to join me on this transformative journey towards a brighter and more connected future whilst abiding intimately with the the objective vignette of "Design, Build & Ship; Privacy, Secure & Automation".

I'm not the type of individual whom they eagerly vying for their rights for personal identification pronounces, he/him is preferably appreciated for avoiding dramatic disputes during physical meetups or trysts. I was originally born and bred in a trilingual family with a biracial ethnicities of Japanese and Chinese, meanwhile exposed to a pure yet immersive multifaceted American Christianity culture as educational environment since born. I, hence, am native in English and Japanese meanwhile proficient in Chinese with a linguistic proficiency certification beyond HSK (level VI). You are absolutely welcomed and do not hesitate to contact me with any of the language you are most comfortable to communicate in with, please refer to contacts page for a relatively complete means of contacts though email via hello@toshiki.dev is personally favored. I'm currently learning Español as one of the second-most widely spoken language in the world to fit the demands of writing Spanish oriented documentation for better i18n practices with accuracies and grammatical credibilities. (Well, with regard to my abject procrastinative virtue as an INTP striving through a sustained phase of transformation into INTJ, perhaps it frankly will dwell a while before I initiate my action).

The primary focal interests of my developmental pursuits are the obsession with automation and self-hosted open source alternatives for all type of proprietary softwares. The triumph of successfully configuring a local project and deploying them to actual production stage for private employment is undoubtedly hard to vividly describe with just a feel lines of words, but as of now, I have established approximately 300 applications established under my local LAN environment on NAS with practical usages that serves my daily needs to alleviate the processes of workloads. Computer networking is yet an fascinating field of skilled essentials which allowing me to orchestrate and inaugurate a interdependent ecosystem to transform individual applications from isolated tools to a cohesive and powerful automated ecosystem, despite the field of expertise still remains as a flower on the high ridge for me to exert more researches and efforts to ensure the grasps of full knowledges whilst I am still maintaining a sustenance of progressive learning. I also managed to learn and research on SysAdmin in addition with DevOps as affiliated benefits throughout active exploring and constant developing.

Leaving aside a tediously laborious personal historic background autobiography, time to start on fun facts about myself. I have a severe sense of collectomania or hoarding habits for a diverse types of data even if I barely read through any of them instead just let them sit in my hard drives rather XD. I have intermediate experience with photography editing with both PhotoShop and Illustrator and have been using both tools on daily bases to commit minor edits on photos to level of perfections; I am also interested in photography, I records everything aesthetics in life with cameras and showcase them at my web gallery. I do spare my time by immersively soaking myself into the realm of anime, which is my indefinite virtual oasis at leisure to delve into fantastical worlds and narratives that ignite my imagination and provide a much-needed escape from the rigors of reality, and my favorite anime by far is "DanMachi" (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか)!

Up until here, the above should be a hefty amount of text wall to entirely read through as for my biographical background, and hopefully these will supply you a fundamental understanding of myself as a current yet part-time student developer, please proceed to explore other sectors of this website with joy! If you would like more in-depth and detailed overview of my experiences or interests, feel free to ask! I'm here to provide any additional information you may need.

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I'm also a designer! I target UI/UX designs for application, softwares and websites and architectural designs towards for my own if I'm in desperate needs of bringing my creative perceptions to life or exploring new concepts and possibilities in the world of design.

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I possess a profound commitment to resolving encountered issues by diligently seeking the optimal solutions. I am deeply devoted to comprehending intricate concepts, dedicating myself to thorough note-taking and documentation, regardless of the time investment, as I firmly believe it is essential to uphold professionalism and dedication in my endeavors.

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